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Letter: Trump's budget cuts

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

President Donald Trump seems bent on leaving a legacy of walls, both literal and symbolic. The proposed budget the White House recently released suggests that whether or not the physical border wall is built, Trump will have his legacy wish fulfilled.

Budget cuts are proposed at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, putting up a wall for those needing rental assistance and blocking needed improvements to public housing units. Medicaid programs would be cut and affordable health insurance would disappear, leading to an effectual wall denying good health for many Americans. Cuts are proposed to SBA grants and loans to those wanting to start a small business — again a wall. The EPA would lose funds for programs related to climate change, an attempt at putting a wall around science. Subsidized student loans would be eliminated, blocking access to the education that could tear down barriers to opportunity for some.

A disturbing pattern with these proposed budget cuts and others I have not addressed is that they disproportionately target the poor. Some may feel there will be increased safety behind these proposed walls. I myself would hope for fewer barriers and more open pathways.

Joan Rasmussen