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6A girls basketball tournament: Fremont's lengthy defensive stand highlights a 58-20 win over Hunter

TAYLORSVILLE — Fremont put up some amazing stats during its 58-20 romp over Hunter in the first round of the 6A state girls basketball tournament on Tuesday, but according to Silverwolf players and coaches, they weren't aware of most of it until late.

Case in point would be an incredible defensive stretch during which the Wolverines were held scoreless for nearly 19 straight minutes of the 40-minute game. The stretch lasted from the 3:42 mark of the first quarter until Hunter's Lusi Moeai made a layup with 2:22 left in the third quarter. Meanwhile, the Silverwolves scored 29 straight on the offensive end to stretch their lead to 14-8 to 43-8.

“That was crazy. I didn’t realize it until later on when I was on the bench,” said Fremont guard Abby Broadbent. “I was like, ‘What? They still haven’t scored yet?’ It was kind of weird.”

Also weird, to some, is the fact Fremont players and coaches claim to pay no attention to the score until late in the game. The entire focus, according to Fremont coach Lisa Dalebout, is her team's execution.

“I really paid great attention to what we were doing defensively, and I think that really helps our team set the tone,” Dalebout said. “That we’re trying to stay in the moment and not worry about the score and just try and get better at doing things that will make (the opposing team) feel uncomfortable.”

The results of not paying attention to the score have paid dividends throughout the year for the Silverwolves and certainly did in Tuesday's win. Overall they held Hunter to just 17 percent shooting from the field and forced 19 turnovers.

“It makes us play better. If we know we’re winning by a lot then we get more relaxed and we always want to be on our A game,” Broadbent said.

Broadbent contributed 10 points in the win with teammate Emma Calvert leading all scorers with 16. Overall no one stood out significantly on the stat sheet for the Silverwolves, which had Dalebout pleased in postgame interviews.

“We have some really special players on our team that can step up and take over a game, but they share the ball really nice,” Dalebout said. “We try not to be one-dimensional — that when they take something away we can step up and play. ... They’re really unselfish.”

Fremont will look to continue its stellar play when taking on Riverton in the quarterfinal round of the 6A playoffs on Thursday.