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UTubers: ‘What’s Inside’ goes viral with Elijah Bryant, ‘Studio C’ tests willpower

"What's Inside" and BYU basketball player Elijah Bryant cut open a square basketball training tool in this week's UTubers.
"What's Inside" and BYU basketball player Elijah Bryant cut open a square basketball training tool in this week's UTubers.
What's Inside/YouTube screenshot

“What’s Inside?” ranks No. 7 on the YouTube trending list after teaming up with BYU basketball player Elijah Bryant, and “Studio C” tries to resist marshmallows in this week’s UTubers.

Dan and Lincoln from “What’s Inside?” released two videos this week. In the first video, the father and son duo team up with BYU basketball player Elijah Bryant and his wife to improve Lincoln’s shooting form with a square basketball. Then they cut open the training tool with a hatchet to see what’s inside. The video has tallied 1.8 million views and counting.

Next, Dan and Lincoln drop an electrical transformer from a crane onto a car and cut it open to see what materials make the transformer work. Ben talks about the value of power and electricity to the world's economy and says this is the third year "What's Inside?" has been part of Bill and Melinda Gates' annual letter.

Dalton Johnson of BYUtv's “Studio C” puts his willpower and patience to the test in this reenactment of the well known “Marshmallow Experiment.” How long could you resist a marshmallow placed in front of you if you were left alone in a room?

BYU female a cappella group “Noteworthy” covered Michael Buble’s “Feeling Good” in this new video that was released on Valentine’s Day. This jazzy rendition is sure to make listeners feel positive and optimistic about the "new dawn," "new day" and "new life."

Lauryn Judd stars as “CinderElsa” in Scott & Ryceejo’s latest a capella Disney mashup of songs from “Frozen” and “Cinderella.” The arrangement of both songs was intended to reflect the strength of the two princesses, as the performers explain at the end of the video.

And just in case you were concerned that "The Greatest Showman" videos have come to an end, here are two more.

Stuart Edge hits the streets of New York City and lip syncs “The Greatest Show” from the “The Greatest Showman.” Watch as he tries to get strangers to dance with him and as he jams out to his guitar. This video is one of many he’s shooting in a series from the Big Apple.

Former BYU ballroom dancers Kaycie and Casey Treu star in a Latin ballroom performance of “Come Alive” for nonprofit Danzinskule Education Foundation. The video shows how their dance brought hundreds of children to their feet.