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Letter: Concerns with bicycles running stop signs

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

I was so shocked to read in the paper on Feb. 14 that there is a Democrat representative hoping to pass a law allowing cyclists the right to not have to stop at stop signs. I thought we were trying to make people safe not put them in danger. Maybe we should change the laws for drug dealers and users or for people who steal things and people who break the speed limit. The logic goes, there are already so many people who do those things anyway, let's make it legal for them.

This lawmaker has a mindset that goes against everything this country was founded on. Laws are put into place and passed for the protection of all the people. We all need to obey them, or we face the consequences. Just because so many people break the laws and seem to get away with it does not mean that we should change the law and make it OK. When this country becomes a lawless society, then our destruction is made sure. Don't cast out the laws just because so many people break them.

Jan Evans

North Salt Lake