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Photos: Life Sciences Day shines light on Utah's medical innovators

Spencer Walker, of University of Utah Health Sciences, demonstrates a xenoscope during Life Sciences Day on the Hill at the Capitol in Salt Lake City on Tuesday. A xenoscope is a thin tube with a tiny camera on the end that allows surgeons to see into the abdominal cavity through a few small holes rather than a large incision. According to Dr. John Langell, a surgeon at University Hospital who came up with the idea, the device performs the same function as a laparascope but costs just $85 to make in mass production. Life Sciences Day also featured innovations from some of the state's leading medical firms, including ProLung, Becton Dickinson/Bard, Varex Imaging, Merit Medical, Edwards Lifesciences, Stryker, Recursion Rx, Tolero Rx, Myriad Genetics and Photpharmics.