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Funny video: Karl 'The Maintenance Man' Malone pranks Anthony Davis

Karl Malone made a living out of flustering guys on the court. Well into retirement, The Mailman did just that again in a humorous prank he pulled on New Orleans star Anthony Davis.

In a video produced by Red Bull, Malone gets a makeover — dreadlocks and onesie jumpsuit included — to look like a member of an arena's custodial staff.

"I'm no longer The Mailman," Malone said while getting his eyebrows touched up by makeup artists. "I'm The Maintenance Man."

At one point, Sam, the custodian impostor, is shown sweeping around the key.

"Come on into my office," he said. "This is where I do my best work."

While Davis' handlers and the energy drink's staff act like they're doing a reality-style video on the Pelicans big man, The Maintenance Man interrupted him in a variety of annoying but funny ways. He claimed that the popular Eurostep move NBA players use nowadays is "traveling all day long." The Hall of Famer also literally cleans the glass.

"Awful quiet in here," Sam loudly says while sweeping the floor as Davis shoots on the court. "Listen to a little jazz around this place? No jazz?"

Davis's reaction to Malone's antics is pretty darn funny.

Following the humorous reveal — and after Malone makes a one-handed shot from his spot while driving a floor-cleaning machine on the court — the former Jazz star requests the cameras to be turned off so he can speak privately with Davis.