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Letter: Utah school security is lacking

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

Twenty years ago, I got a concealed carry permit. We attended class, passed a written test and demonstrated we could load and shoot a gun. In December, I again applied for a concealed carry permit. We attended class and got fingerprinted. No test. No loading or shooting.

On Thursday after the Florida school shootings, I visited 10 schools in northern Utah. At one, we rang the buzzer to gain entry, but no one asked or knew my name. At two schools, we signed in before visiting classrooms. At another, we walked past many open doors to the office — where they gave us a visitor sticker but did not record our names. In all others, we walked in and told office staff we were visiting classrooms. They did not ask or record our names or question our purpose.

I have visited schools throughout the U.S. Many had metal detectors, locked doors or security guards. Are our schools secure? No. Would I have received more attention if I was not a woman in business professional clothes? Maybe. Would anyone have noticed if I'd pulled out a gun in a classroom? Too late.

Utah's gun laws are among the most liberal in the nation. Sadly, so is access to classrooms.

Cathy Callow-Heusser

Park City