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4 tips for finding fashionable, modest clothing


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While it’s true that modesty is defined in different ways by different people, countless women still appreciate clothing that allows them to adhere to certain religious or cultural standards while also remaining fashionable. One of the most difficult challenges for many women in today’s clothing market is finding clothing that’s modest.

After dealing with this issue herself, Nava Brief-Fried decided to start a company to help women easily find modest fashionable clothes. Today, ModLi is an online marketplace exclusively for modest fashion. The company was founded in Israel with the help of a sophisticated tech team. Now it serves millions of women around the world who face this familiar issue.

The company features more than 150 modest fashion boutiques, including top sellers from Utah, such as Halftee, Great Lengths, Olive Branch Clothing and EDYN. ModLi also partners with many social media personas such as Missionaries Coming Soon, Carlee Stylez, Happily Ever Allen and many more.

Celebrated fashion magazine Vogue, in a January 2015 article, said dressing modestly can help one develop an apt sense of style. But is it possible to find clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable without revealing too much? Well, yes.

Here are four tips to help you do just that:

1. Be choosy with your retailer

If you’re struggling to find a specific apparel style, that’s one thing. But millions of women have difficulty finding attractive and modest clothing. Luckily, clothing companies now exist that offer modest fashion within current industry trends. If you’re wondering what retailers to consult in the first place, focus on ones that offer basics (shirts, skirts, pants and dresses) in classic styles.

For example, when you want to find some longer shorts, you wouldn’t start by shopping at a swimsuit retailer. So when you start with the right brands and retailers, you’ll greatly limit any frustration that comes from a fruitless search.

2. Work those layers

Layered clothing goes in and out of popularity, but certain looks are always considered stylish. For instance, pairing a cardigan with a sleeveless top gives you room for flexibility along with a classically feminine look. As you search for modest and appealing clothing, consider investing in several basic pieces to promote a flexible wardrobe where mixing and matching come easily.

Slips and lace underskirts are great ways to add a little length to a dress or skirt, but of course, purchasing the original item that fits your tastes is more financially (and stylistically) savvy. The next step, then, is to find a way to search quickly for the exact thing you’re looking for.

3. Shop with a purpose

When shopping for any item of clothing, it’s always a good idea to have some clear goals in mind. Otherwise, you might end up spending too much or wasting your time. What specific outfits or pieces are missing from your wardrobe? What do you intend to buy and what types of activities will you wear it for? Shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding is quite different from, say, a sundress or modest swimwear.

As you begin the process of looking for one or more modest clothing items, consider what purpose that item will serve in your wardrobe and in your day-to-day life. That way, you’ll be able to narrow down the sources and results as you shop, saving time and money.

4. Go online

You can find anything you want on the internet, so why not modest clothes, too? The web offers a great way to seek modest clothing because it allows you to search for specific items and filter your search results in other useful ways. It also helps you find clothing that’s more likely to be fashionable and on trend.

You could spend hours searching through the racks of your favorite handful of stores, or you could simply go online and type in exactly what you’re looking for. Midi and maxi skirts or dresses, blouses with sleeves, and other such clothing are all too easy to find with the help of a good website search tool.

As you use these tips to help you find clothing that looks and feels good, you’ll be all too happy you didn’t spend a day or two at the mall only to go home empty-handed. It is possible to find modest clothing that’s also flattering and fashionable when you consult a relevant online retailer such as Modli.