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Pleasant Grove edges West Jordan 62-54 in opening round of Class 6A tournament

OGDEN — It was a tale of two halves in the Class 6A first-round matchup between Pleasant Grove and West Jordan Tuesday night at Weber State University.

PG won the game 62-54, but it didn't exactly start out too well.

The first period was a great way to warm up and get all the kinks worked out, especially when the end of the period showed the score 15-15 apiece. Five 3-pointers from the Vikings, and three treys, a field goal and some free-throw work from West Jordan.

The work began in the second period. The Jaguars outscored Pleasant Grove 16-8, and they had the momentum after a trey with no time left to end the half by talented Jaguar guard Sinai Enoch, who scored a game-high 19 points.

With that shot, West Jordan walked off the floor with a 31-23 lead and looking for the upset. Enoch also provided the spark that helped the Jaguars take control of the second period. His first trey of the game tied the score to end the first period.

West Jordan and Pleasant Grove are known for their tough defense, but the Vikings went to the locker room at halftime needing a shot of confidence to start playing the way they had been playing during the regular season.

After leaving the team in the locker room, the Pleasant Grove coaches said, "We could all hear the team getting after each other and to pick it up again."

When the Vikings came out for the second half, the team seemed to have some energy back. They also had loud fan support. Even a past player got in their faces and told them to get their energy back.

The second half was Pleasant Grove's time to go to work.

In the last two periods, the Vikings outscored the Jaguars 39-23. West Jordan scored only six points in the third period while Pleasant Grove scored 13. Even with that score, the Jaguars held the lead, 37-36. Both teams scored their highest points in the final period, but the Vikings hit 26 points to West Jordan's 17.

"The team needed to find some energy and step up their game," Pleasant Grove assistant coach Spencer Clement said. "They rely on each other to get it done."

Former Viking Riley Court was in the stands trying to get the Vikings moving.

"I was trying to get them excited to play and get control of the game," he said. "I think they responded quite well."

Casey Brown led Pleasant Grove with 18 points, while Matt Van Komen scored 14 points, nine in the last period with the last being a major slam dunk to end the game. Tyler Fairbanks added 12 points on four treys.

With the win, the Vikings move on to the 6A quarterfinals Thursday, and they will play the Weber Warriors, who upset Kearns 60-52.

Kent Allen lives in Pleasant Grove and reports on Pleasant Grove High School varsity sports for Deseret Connect.