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Letter: Thank you for serving the seniors

Letter to the Editor
Riders wait to board a FrontRunner train at Lehi Station on Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017.
Deseret News

The "Help the seniors" letter on Feb. 1 by Jerry Schmidt suggesting a "senior watch" in neighborhoods to help meet the needs of seniors and others was thoughtful, on target and is appreciated.

After the latest snowfall, I went out to shovel snow and found to my delight two younger nearby seniors busy cleaning snow off my driveway, while another neighbor was shoveling the sidewalk.

We older seniors, and others as well, truly are blessed when neighbors serve another's needs and graciously serve each other. Schmidt's suggestion to urge parents to prompt their children to join in to assist is great training in service and citizenship.

Thank you to all as you kindly serve one another.

Daniel Loewen