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YouTube TV is now on Apple TV, Roku

SALT LAKE CITY — YouTube’s attempt at live TV is now officially live on Apple TV.

YouTube said Thursday that it planned to launch its YouTube TV Apple TV app in the near future. Later that afternoon, the app appeared in the App Store.

YouTube’s new TV service officers a slew of live TV channels for $35 per month. Subscribers receive local channels such as ABC, Fox, CBS and NBC and can also access channels including Disney, ESPN, USA Network and The CW, among many others.

YouTube TV also includes YouTube Red content, which provides original and streaming content for $9.99 a month on its own, according to Mac Rumors, an Apple news website.

YouTube TV’s appearance in the App Store comes just ahead of Super Bowl LII, which is this Sunday.

The streaming service, which is available for Salt Lake City residents, is also available on Roku devices.

According to The Verge, last year, YouTube said it would arrive on Roku devices and on Apple TV in 2017. However, in December, YouTube walked back the idea, saying the service would launch in the first quarter of 2018 after it failed to meet an October deadline.

This new development may quell some concerns about YouTube TV, since, as one Gizmodo writer explained, YouTube TV doesn’t work with many TVs. Until now, most people needed a Chromecast or Xbox One to make the service work.

But now the device may be worth it, although Gizmodo did also point out that another live TV streaming service, Sling TV, costs $20 per month. But YouTube TV's $35 per month is still a cheaper price than other services — Hulu with Live TV costs close to $40 a month.