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Letter: Where's the funding for the mentally ill?

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Deseret News

As I knew and took care of my late, dear friend who had a major mental illness and was a Medicaid patient, I have seen the quality of care of the mentally ill go down dramatically. She used to attend a place during the day where she was safe, had therapy help from qualified personnel, classes to help her cope with life and was given a meal. She had medication prescribed by a medical doctor.

As the last 12 years have passed, this care has deteriorated to the point where the safe place was safe no more, the therapy was only peer to peer (the blind leading the blind), medication got mixed up or was not provided and essentially the very ill got put back on the streets. Most of this has come about because of the usual issue — lack of money. Is there nothing that can be done to help those who are completely unable to help themselves? A new company was brought in to take over this care in spite of warnings from other states where this same result is alleged to have happened under their watch. Those responsible for providing care should really consult those who are ill — not dumb or unable to think, just ill. I will miss her, but at least she is free of this travesty.

Myrna Anderson

West Valley City