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Utah Falconz announce new board president, same game plan

SALT LAKE CITY — The Women’s Excellence 4 Life Foundation has announced Samantha Smith-Meek as its new president. The main objective of WE4L is to empower, teach, and provide personal and professional growth opportunities to all women. The game plan remains precisely the same, simply with new leadership, ideas, and drive. Former president Hiroko Jolley is pursuing other business ventures and has expressed her full faith and confidence in Samantha, and the entire board of men and women who govern the Women’s Excellence 4 Life (WE4L) Foundation.

Teamwork: The Utah Falconz, an all-women’s tackle football team, falls under the jurisdiction of the foundation. Successfully supporting female athletes in their zest to play a male-dominated sport is an amazing accomplishment in and of itself. Teams across the country quickly come and go due to lack of leadership and business expertise. However, Utah Falconz, under the direction of the WE4L and a stellar coaching staff, will be entering their 5th year of competition, and remain in the top 10 ranks of the elite teams in the country. The Falconz have won two back to back National Championships in the IWFL (Independent Women’s Football League), the second of which they hosted in Salt Lake City with the full support of the Utah Sports Commission. Crowds soared to 3,000 fans at the championship game, with Utah bringing home the National Trophy in front of their hometown fans, family and friends. The Falconz are definitely doing something right, and all involved will never forget what it feels like to work hard, give your best, and be a champion.

Athlete-to-leader: One of the founding principles of WE4L is to provide opportunities for women to learn business acumen and best practices. How does one successfully build a team? How do you make it stronger and more vibrant? By teaching life skills to women - who then inspire those in their scope of influence to take responsibility, and commit to each other. WE4L connects women, provides direction, discipline, and a sense of family. Being part of a team and building something greater than yourself, is the most direct way to self-worth and confidence. WE4L encourages athletes to be directly involved in the management and execution of the Utah Falconz team and foundation processes. Samantha Smith-Meek has not only served on the Women's Excellence 4 Life Board, but is also an athlete for the Utah Falconz, and looks forward to serving this organization as President.

Outcome: No other organization in Utah provides this level of direct experience to women or contains such a high caliber of coaches and leaders who believe in and transform women. Samantha will stand at the helm of Women’s Excellence 4 Life, with an experienced board by her side. As John Greenleaf Whittier penned, “I’ll lift you and you lift me, and we’ll both ascend together.”