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Bill intended to streamline teaching licenses sails through committee

SALT LAKE CITY — Legislation intended to streamline the state's educator license process sailed through the Senate Education Committee on Wednesday.

HB46, as amended, sponsored by Rep. Val Peterson, R-Orem, establishes three types of licensure: associate licenses for people completing licensure requirements; professional licenses for people who have met all requirements; and a local education agency or LEA-specific licenses to address local requirements.

Peterson said it is important to streamline the licensure process "especially at a time we're trying to get as many as possible to obtain a license to teach in our schools. This is a very important piece of legislation."

Previously, there have been alternative or provisional license categories.

Deputy State Superintendent Angie Stallings said the Utah State Board of Education is seeking an appropriation to update its licensing system.

HB46 gives the board until July 1, 2020, to fully implement the updates "if funds are available," which gives the body a little "wiggle room" to make changes as resources become available, she said.

No one from the public testified for or against the bill, likely because the issue had been thoroughly debated during the Legislature's interim session, said Sen. Ann Millner, R-Ogden.