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High school swimming: Cottonwood dominates on day one of 5A state swim meet

BOUNTIFUL — Cottonwood’s swim teams put on a show during day one of the Utah state meet Friday. The Colts girls team leads second-place Skyline, 103-73, while the boys have a slim lead, 91-82, over Brighton.

For the Cottonwood girls, the 200-yard medley relay team of Rhyan White, Emma Walker, Madison Cutler and Makayla Harris garnered a state title in the first timed final of the meet.

“That was an awesome swim for those girls and they broke our school record by about 2.5 seconds,” Cottonwood coach Ron Lockwood said.

While Cottonwood picked up points all over the pool, Lockwood cited Emma Walker and Kennedy Callaway for swimming well in their 200 individual medley.

For the Cottonwood boys, defending 50-yard freestyle champion Christian Simon repeated despite the nerves of the moment.

“Before the race you just sit there and you feel your gut tighten as you think about the race,” Simon said. “It’s just a couple seconds in the water and you either do it or you don’t.”

Cottonwood claimed a state title in the 200 individual medley as junior c swam a strong second half. The Colts picked up major points when fellow junior, Colin Dailey finished second.

“That one-two finish in the 200 IM was a big, big moment for us,” Lockwood said. “It was really important to get that for us to come back tomorrow and mix it up with Brighton.”

While the Cottonwood girls have a commanding lead, Brighton is looming in the boys' division.

Every member of the Bengals boys team had their hair dyed blonde to match that of their enthusiastic coach, Todd Etherington. Despite some nerves by the Bengal quartet of Taua Fitisemanu, Jack Binder, Chase Miyagishima and Tyler Quentin edged Cottonwood in an event Etherington said his team needed to win.

“Our team was a little bit nervous coming in because we knew we were supposed to win,” Binder, a senior, said. “That race was huge because it got all our guys pumped up and we went out and had good swims after that.”

While the Bengal girls are in eighth place after day one, junior Rachel Butler broke a state record in the 200-yard individual medley.

Meanwhile, Etherington knows his boys have an uphill battle if they want to catch Cottonwood.

“We just have to race,” Etherington said. “We can’t worry about anything other than going out and racing.


Day 1

At Wasatch Aquatic Center

Boys Team Scores

1. Cottonwood, 91; 2. Brighton, 82; 3. Skyline, 81; 4. West, 66; 5. Timpview, 61; 6. Box Elder, 58; 7. Woods Cross, 55; 8. Springville, 43.

Individual results

200 Medley Relay — 1. Brighton (Taua Fitisemanu, Jack Binder, Chase Miyagishima, Quentin Tyler), 1:36.69; 2. Cottonwood, 1:37.06; 3. Skyline, 1:37.98; 4. West, 1:40.77; 5. Timpview, 1:41.32; 6. Corner Canyon, 1:42.43.

200 Free — 1. Mitchell Simmons, West, 1:42.00; 2. Kaden Staker, Provo, 1:42.40; 3. Cameron Green, Springville, 1:43.93; 4. Talmage Corey, Olympus, 1:44.79; 5. Chase Miyagishima, Brighton, 1:45.95; 6. Alex Cromar, Olympus, 1:47.06.

200 Individual Medley — 1. Blayze Kimble, Cottonwood, 1:55.55; 2. Colin Dailey, Cottonwood, 1:57.56; 3. Addison Morris, Woods Cross, 1:57.61; 4. William Harris, Woods Cross, 2:00.08; 5. Spencer McQueen, Springville, 2:00.35; 6. Clip Taylor, Box Elder, 2:00.92.

50 Free — 1. Christian Simon, Cottonwood, 221.53; 2. Ian James, Wasatch, 21.95; 3. Zerin Wolfgramm, West, 22.08; 4. Eli Cook, Skyline, 22.20; 5 (tie). Tyson Tate, Jordan, 22.53; Matt Lavey, Skyline, 22.53.

Girls Team Scores

1. Cottonwood, 103; 2. Skyline, 73; 3. Timpview, 68; 4. Wasatch, 65; 5 (tie). Maple Mountain, Viewmont, 64; 7. Corner Canyon, 51; 8. Olympus, 46.

Individual results

200 Medley Relay — 1. Cottonwood (Rhyan White, Emma Walker, Madison Cutler, Makayla Harris), 1:47.78; 2. Viewmont, 1:49.25; 3. Timpview, 1:49.86; 4. Wasatch, 1:50.11; 5. Skyline, 1:51.19; 6. Olympus, 1:52.69.

200 Free — 1. Mariah Maile, Viewmont, 1:54.35; 2. Becca Goodson, Skyline, 1:55.75; 3. Melody Cazier, 1:57.37; 4. Jessica Loyd, Cottonwood, 1:58.34; 5. Quinn Stephenson, Cottonwood, 1:59.46; 6. Arden Tesch, Highland, 2:00.46.

200 Individual Medley — 1. Rachel Butler, Brighton, 2:03.87; 2. Makayla Cazier, Maple Mountain, 2:06.19; 3. Akalia Bostock, Timvpiew, 2:09.03; 4. Caroline Luman, 2:09.89; 5. Milava Shumilova, Wasatch, 2:11.78; 6. Emma Walker, Cottonwood, 2:12.64.

50 Free — 1. Rachel Oyler, Timpview, 23.92; 2. Fane Wolfgramm, West, 24.26; 3. Kali Barlow, Corner Canyon, 24.53; 4. Tali Skabelund, Skyridge, 24.67; 5. Claire Kieffer, Wasatch, 24.68; 6. Arcadia Chomjak, West, 24.87.