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Letter: No new fee for electric vehicles

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

I was concerned to read about a proposed new fee for electric vehicles under consideration in the Utah legislative session. Gov. Herbert has called on all Utahns to do our part for air quality, and I agree. However, with kids in tow and countless errands to run, most parents can’t take public transportation as often as we would like. So we have purchased an electric vehicle in an effort to do my part to improve air quality. Electric vehicles have no tailpipe emissions and, when coupled with rooftop solar, are pollution-free.

We can’t at the same time say we support air quality and impose new fees for electric vehicles. I encourage the Utah Legislature to remove the proposed fee for Senate Bill 136, the Transportation Governance bill, and consider a more measured approach to funding our transportation infrastructure.

France Barral

Salt Lake City