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What questions did Elder Rasband ask BYU students to spot-check their integrity?

PROVO — Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles asked BYU students to evaluate their integrity on Tuesday during a campus devotional through a series of questions he listed.

"Assess with me for a minute how you see and exercise integrity," he said. Then he provided the list and added, "These are just a few ways you can spot-check your personal integrity."

Here is the list of 17 questions:

• Do you choose to stand in holy places and be not moved? What does it mean to you to hold a current temple recommend and to count it a privilege? Do you seek peace and comfort in the temple? Is the temple worship of our Father in heaven and his Son, Jesus Christ, part of who you are?

• Do you pray for promptings to help someone the Lord knows needs assistance? Or is your schedule just too busy?

• When you make a mistake do you deny it or blame someone else? Or do you face the issue and resolve it?

• When friends are maligning someone or being rude do you step away? Do you take their defense? Or do you join in for the sake of being a part of things?

• How do you keep the Sabbath Day holy? Do you fully strive to live the BYU Honor Code? The Word of Wisdom?

● If you served a mission, are you still doing the work of the Lord or have you slipped back into old habits, setting aside daily scripture study and morning and evening prayer?

• And, do you honor and sustain the president of the church and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles? How do you speak of, support and follow their initiatives and teachings?