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Letter: Stop the corruption in D.C.

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Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Deseret News

A number of people were hopeful that when Donald Trump was elected, he might actually get rid of a good deal of corruption that has existed for the last several decades in Washington, D.C. (i.e. drain the swamp).

The fallacy has been that shuffling one department head in D.C. to a different department will actually result in something positive. Furthermore, using some kind of convoluted logic, they think a revolving door between an industry and the governmental agency that is supposed to be watching that industry is a rational idea. There is a D.C. mindset in thinking these industrial heads are familiar enough with the industry that they can have an objective oversight without making a biased decision. The opposite happens. These department heads, once industry heads, now serve the corporation and not the public.

In order to "drain the swamp," which is closer to a cesspool, I submit the following: Put Sibel Edmonds (see the book "Classified Women") in charge of the FBI. Put Michael Levine ("Deep Cover") in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Put Dr. Joel Wallach ("Dead Doctors Don't Lie) in charge of the FDA. And put Michael J. Daugherty ("The Devil Inside the Beltway") in charge of the FTC.

Bruce Nieveen