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Letter: Keep the roads safe

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

In February, a bill was mentioned that would be allowing cyclists to not stop at stop signs if it appears safe to do so. This bill does not seem very appropriate because it creates a more dangerous road transportation environment. If cyclists are going to ride on the streets, then they should be required to follow the same general laws that vehicles are required to follow. There are justifiable reasons for why cars must make a full stop at a stop sign, even if no one is in sight and it appears safe to not stop. So why shouldn’t cyclists have to follow the same law?

I hope that everyone can work together to create a safer road to travel on. They must be wary of what bills they allow to pass and be aware of the potential consequences certain bills may cause. It does not appear safe having cyclists riding in the road in the first place. It makes it even less safe to give them the option on whether or not they should stop at stop signs. Allowing this bill would have completely annihilated the purpose of road safety and would have made the roads an even more dangerous place.

Alyssa Witham

Salt Lake City