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Letter: We have spoken loud and clear

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

The Utah Legislature passed a climate resolution: HCR 007, Concurrent Resolution on Environmental and Economic Stewardship. It was sponsored by two Republican legislators, Rep. Rebecca Edwards and Sen. Todd Weiler. This resolution of the governor and Legislature encourages responsible stewardship and reduction of emissions through incentives and support of growth in technologies and services that will enlarge the economy.

The people of Utah have spoken loud and clear: We are eager for solutions. To our local, state and national representatives: Please help us by passing effective, thoughtful legislation to address our changing climate.

One of our members of Congress has taken the lead and joined the Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus. A good next step would be for the rest of our delegation to join this caucus as well.

Lauren Barros

Park City