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Letter: UTA is a much better name

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

"UTA! UTA! UTA!" This is the cheer I would rather hear than "T-Duh!" during March Madness.

State Sen. Mike Schultz, in his haste to cleanse the state of Utah of any alleged misdeeds by Utah Transit Authority executives, has figuratively thrown the baby out with the bathwater. In his recently passed bill sent to the governor for his signature, Sen. Schultz has opted to rename UTA the Transportation District of Utah. "T-Duh!" This is the cheer state Sen. Carol Spackman Moss surmised would be the legacy of Schultz's bill, in addition to the estimated $50 million it would cost to change the name on all the trains, buses, letterheads, etc.

UTA sounds like "Utah," and what could be better? Let's hope Gov. Herbert cleans up this March madness.

Allan Frazier