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Police question 3, seek 4th passenger in Granite police shooting

SHARE Police question 3, seek 4th passenger in Granite police shooting

SALT LAKE CITY — Three teenagers who ran off after their friend was shot by a Granite School District police officer on Tuesday have been found and questioned, district officials said Wednesday.

None of the three were arrested. Investigators are still searching for a fourth person, who Granite School District spokesman Ben Horsley confirmed Wednesday is an adult man.

Meanwhile, no updates were provided about the teenager who was shot. At last word on Tuesday, he was in extremely critical condition at a local hospital.

Just before 1 p.m. Tuesday, a first-year Granite officer on routine patrol looking for truant students spotted a car with five males in the area of 4400 South and 5700 West. Everyone in the car appeared to be high school-age, according to Horsley.

As the officer got out of his car and approached the vehicle, he said he could smell marijuana. When the officer continued to walk toward the vehicle, the driver started to move, hitting the officer, who ended up on the hood of the car, Horsley said.

At some point, the officer pulled out his weapon and fired at least one shot, Horsley said. The driver was struck. The car continued for about 100 yards before going onto the sidewalk and rolling to a stop.

A bullet hole could be seen in the windshield.

The officer was treated for a head injury at a local hospital as well as other cuts and bruises.

Of the five people who were in the vehicle at the time of the shooting, Horsley said:

• The teen driver, who was shot, was currently not enrolled in school.

• One of the passengers was enrolled in the district's Student Safe-School Training Educational Placement program, which is an alternative remediation program for students who have violated safe school policy.

• One passenger was enrolled in a local high school. Horsley declined Wednesday to say which school, but noted it was not Hunter High.

• One passenger is currently not enrolled in school.

• The passenger whom police are still looking for is an adult male.

No other information was released about the incident on Wednesday, including who owns the car the group was in or whether anything of evidentiary value was found inside it.

Salt Lake police are leading the investigation into the officer-involved shooting.