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The road is a place for caution, not competition

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Deseret News

I commute from American Fork to Sandy during rush-hour traffic. Driving in the congestion is stressful, but the inability of several drivers to follow simple laws makes it dangerous.

Please remember, it is against the law to cross solid single and double white lines. The car-pool lane is not an additional passing lane. A driver should pass on the left if at all possible; similarly, slower cars should stay to the right. Safe following distances should increase with speed and adverse conditions; tailgating someone will not make congested traffic move faster.

When signaling a lane change, I’ve observed many drivers noticeably speeding up to close the space. A turn signal does not indicate that the other driver is trying to take your spot; it is simply a sign that they need to get over to exit or make way for other drivers.

Aggressive driving is the second-leading cause of traffic fatalities in Utah. Aggressive driving includes speeding, following too closely and weaving through traffic. Let’s worry more about making it home to loved ones and less about time. The road is a place for caution, not competition. Lives are at stake and road rage is a dumb way to die.

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Ashly Dean

American Fork