This week’s round-up kicks off with two Mormon Mentions that seek to help people with their social skills: first, a video made to combat awkward conversations involving singles, and second, a team of BYU researchers designing a socialbot who can respond based on a user’s needs.

“How are you still so single?” Well, the truth is, sometimes great people are single, Rosemary Card, founder of Q.Noor, explains in a video by LDS Living released on Facebook this week. Card and comedian Steve Soelberg go through a list of things to say and other things you might want to avoid saying to single people at church. Advice includes not comparing your stage in life, not assuming you know the “why,” and helping church become a safe place by seeing everyone as equals.

A team of researchers from the Brigham Young University Perception, Control and Cognition Laboratory is part of the 2018 Amazon Alexa Prize Challenge. Featured earlier this week by KSL, the team is one of eight university teams competing to make a socialbot you can hold a real conversation with. The team will work on the project until the semifinal round in July. Check out the team’s blog post in a tweet below:

"America’s Got Talent" tweeted a video of Evie Clair’s audition on the show during season 12 for a Throwback Thursday post. She talked about her dad’s journey with cancer and her song dedicated to him. Evie Clair was also featured in an article by The Grable Group this week for having one of the three best music acts ever performed on the show. Read that article here.

The Gardiner Sisters announced their first album, Covers: Volume I, which will be released April 6, 2018. To countdown to the big day, they will be revealing a track off the record daily. Watch this clip from their song “Home/Dirty Paws.”

LDS singer and YouTuber Tiffany Alvord posted on Instagram that she has been working on new music for the past year and songs have been picked and finalized.

Mormon Channel published a new video about the stigma around repentance in its series Gospel Solutions for Families. Taylor Lloyd, 29, shares a personal example of coming to understanding the principle of repentance through the Atonement of Jesus Christ after overcoming a drug addiction. “I know who he is today better than I have in my whole life. I feel my Savior in everything I do,” Lloyd says in the video. “It’s only with his help that I have the courage myself to continue to pick myself back up and continue to do what I know he expects me to do.”

In this new “How To” video, Scott, who lives on a boat in a Los Angeles marina, explains how he lives simply and focuses on giving. He talks about the value of fast offerings. “I don’t spend money on some useless item or tech gadget or something like that, I can use than money to give back to people who need it much more than I do,” Scott says.