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UTubers: Dog whisperer on ‘Studio C,’ LDS Church says ‘Welcome’ to all in new video

SHARE UTubers: Dog whisperer on ‘Studio C,’ LDS Church says ‘Welcome’ to all in new video
One of two new "Studio C" videos this week features a dog whisperer.

One of two new “Studio C” videos this week features a dog whisperer.

Studio C/YouTube screenshot

Blunt airplane pilots and dog whisperers star in two new BYUtv “Studio C” sketches in this week’s UTubers while Mormon.org published a new video called “Welcome.”

In this video from “Studio C,” a flight becomes uncomfortable when the pilot’s intercom gets left on and the whole plane listens to his conversation with his copilot. Soon, gossip about flight attendants, thoughts about people on the plane and the fact that the pilot has no idea what he’s doing is turned into public knowledge. Will the passengers survive when the descent takes a turn for the worse?

One man’s talent for communicating with canines landed him a TV show in South Dakota in this next “Studio C” sketch. When a lady brings her dog to Farley Archer, “the Dog Whisperer,” the dog receives an unconventional treatment to be cured of depression.

Lindsey Stirling posted a picture with the Piano Guys on Twitter after their concert this weekend. “I laughed out loud more times than I can count, and then moments later I was crying,” she said, using the hashtag "#collab?"

Husband-and-wife musical pair Scott and Ryceejo mash up "The Lion King" and "Princess and the Frog" in their latest Disney mashup “Just Can’t Wait To Almost Be There.” Ryceejo stars as Tiana, who is working a job as a waitress in a diner, and sings about finding joy in her journey. The song was filmed in One Man Band Diner in Lehi, Utah.

Mormon.org released a new video called “Welcome.” The video starts by showing the sign that hangs on every church building that says “Visitors Welcome” and shows clips of people from diverse backgrounds interacting and serving each other. “Because that’s what Jesus taught. He can make you a better person and you can make us a better church,” the video says.

Mormon Channel’s latest video “Anxiety After My Mission” follows the story of a young man who found grace after returning home early from his mission in Argentina due to medical problems. “I look back now and I realize that that was the most positive thing for me because it gave me a chance to realize it’s OK to be broken,” the young man says in the video. “And I think God’s grace lies in the fact that sometimes he’ll break you down to build you up into a person that you’ve never been before.”