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Letter: Students could use instruction in self-defense

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Deseret News

This is in response to the recent article by Lee Benson: "About Utah: Park City sergeant on school shootings: 'We need to be even more prepared'" (March 11). After all of these school shootings and recent stabbings, one person must think, Are we giving our students the best information in order to defend themselves in these situations? Now I can’t say what is taught in schools now, but when I was in high school only a couple years ago, we weren’t ever taught defense of a shooting. I think that we as a nation need to implement self-defense into the curriculum so that the kids will know what to do. For instance, one event was a 16-year-old student who brought a knife to school and stabbed 21 children. This a perfect example because I believe that if our students had some foreknowledge, that number could have been drastically reduced.

Alex Brakey

South Jordan