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Letter: Utah's split vote on the omnibus budget bill

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Deseret News

Thank you, Sen. Lee, and Reps. Bishop, Love, Stewart and Curtis for voting against the horrible omnibus spending bill. Sen. Hatch attempted to defend his vote for the bill by pointing out the things that were good for Utah. That’s like telling us to drink a cup of water with poison in it and saying the drink “is not perfect,” but the water is really good for you.

I believe Sen. Hatch is a good man. I don’t think he would eat a brownie that had marijuana in it. Why not take the good parts and put them in a separate stand-alone bill that would easily pass, rather than sully the good provisions in a bill he would’ve (and did) condemn and vote against when Obama was president.

I think he has become like the senior senator portrayed in the movie “Mr Smith Goes to Washington” who was caught up in the Washington “swamp.” This fall, let’s elect a senator who will stand against the “swamp” and take a stand against out-of-control government spending.

Glen Miller