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Construction worker injured in fall in Salt Lake City

SHARE Construction worker injured in fall in Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY — A construction worker was hospitalized after she fell from scaffolding at a Salt Lake City construction site Wednesday.

The woman fell from the building at roughly 150 North and 400 West, said Salt Lake City fire spokeswoman Audra Sorensen.

Crews took her to Intermountain Medical Center in Murray in an ambulance about 4 p.m. Wednesday, Sorensen said. She fell from the building's west side.

"She fell several feet," Sorensen said. "Whether that was 50 or 100, I don't know." The fire department responds to falls often, she said, but generally not to ones of such magnitude.

The worker's name, the extent of her injuries and the company she works for were not immediately released.

Sorensen urged caution for anyone scaling heights and said it's a good idea to have someone else nearby who can help or call 911 in the event of a fall.

"I think that whether you're cleaning out your rain gutters or painting or working, you have to be very, very mindful that anything can happen," she said.