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Harmon's Halftime: Max Hall gives freshman QB Zach Wilson advice during BYU spring practice


It was but a moment frozen in time after BYU's Wednesday's practice, but nonetheless it was something that caught a lot of attention.

BYU freshman quarterback Zach Wilson just finished with his first-ever media interviews of his career and he walked over to Max Hall, who'd arrived at the practice and was standing by a former tight end and teammate Jonny Harline. Wilson came over and shook hands with Hall, who gave him quick advice about extra pass sessions with receivers and the importance of looking at film.

The fact Wilson gave media interviews was somewhat unique since BYU has a policy of not allowing newcomers to do interviews until they'd played in a game. Wilson came in January after graduating early from Corner Canyon High in Draper.

Wilson had a solid day throwing and was impressive, as was Beau Hoge, Tanner Mangum and Joe Critchlow.

There were other interesting visitors Wednesday, including former Utah and Weber State head coach Ron McBride. Former D-lineman on the 1984 team Jim Herrmann was there. BYU also had a cadre of recruits on campus and at practice.

Madison Mangum, older brother of Tanner, was at practice and said he is through playing football in Europe. A record-breaking receiver at Idaho State, Madison said he has been invited to play in a league that Merrill Hoge helped organize in Florida. "It's different," said Madison. "It's called the 'You Call the Play' League and fans can call in a play from their phones to an iPad held by the offensive coordinator. He then has 10 seconds to react and get the play call into the offense."