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What’s new: Hank Smith shares how God ministers one-by-one in ‘He Knows You’

SHARE What’s new: Hank Smith shares how God ministers one-by-one in ‘He Knows You’

"HE KNOWS YOU: Following Our 'One by One' Savior," by Hank Smith, Covenant Communications, $11.99, 60 minutes

There are no such things as coincidences where God is involved, and Hank Smith is here to prove it in “He Knows You.” In this recording of a fireside talk, he relates several scriptural examples proving that when Jesus Christ was living on earth he ministered to others in a personal, one-by-one method. This individual help continues today in ways that are so amazing that the term coincidence becomes too naive of an explanation.

Jumping from scriptural examples, such as the Brother of Jared, Smith recounts more recent instances of people across the world. From the pregnant, sugar-craving woman who just wanted a piece of pie, to the African man who had been banished from his home, Smith narrates events that could only be orchestrated by God.

By the end of this CD, after listening to the testimonies of Smith and the apostles he’s quoted, it’s evident that with God, there are no coincidences. Instead, lives are full of tender mercies gifted by a loving Heavenly Father who is intimately aware of each of his children. Whether Smith encourages through his humorous anecdotes or awe-inspiring events, listeners can be inspired to live with more awareness regarding how God’s hand touches each of their lives for the better.

“He Knows You” was given at a standards night for youths of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and geared towards teenagers. Listening to this presentation can uplift and entertain those younger and substantially older.

A Utah native, Smith has been a religious educator for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for more than a decade. He and his family live in Mapleton.

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