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Salt Lake SWAT standoff ends peacefully

SALT LAKE CITY — A five-hour standoff on Sunday ended peacefully after officers used tear gas to force the man out of his home.

Officers took Darin Ackerman, 31, into custody after they say he made violent threats. He also had warrants against him for domestic violence.

Police responded about 9:15 a.m. to a domestic disturbance near 800 West and 1100 South to learn that the man had fled to his own home near 1500 W. Hayes Ave. (940 South) and barricaded himself inside.

The man "made threats that he had a weapon and would use it against other people, so police considered him a danger to people in the area as well as to officers," said Salt Lake police detective Greg Wilking.

Ackerman refused contact with officers. Members of the SWAT team were called out, and eventually the tear gas was deployed.

No one was in the home other than Ackerman.