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Letter: Democrats have something to offer voters

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Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Deseret News

I disagree with a statement made in the March 2 editorial, “Time for small-party governing?”

“Neither party is providing a reason for voters, especially younger voters, to join their ranks.” This may be true for Republicans, who have seen their party embrace Donald Trump’s unique form of corruption and chaos. But I find the Democratic Party offers sensible and moral solutions to almost every issue.

The Democrats see the true nature of supply side economics, which merely increases our already massive inequality and expands our burdensome national debt.

They favor joining the civilized world in providing health care for all citizens.

They promote measures to rein in global warming.

They endorse sensible gun laws to bring American gun violence in line with other developed countries.

They favor regulation to prevent harmful air and water pollution.

They fight for the civil rights of those who have been marginalized.

They push for sensible and compassionate immigration reform and reject xenophobic and racist ideas.

They believe government is not the enemy but the tool of the people in creating a just and equitable society.

No, they are not perfect, but they offer an appealing alternative to irrational conservative extremism.

Roger Terry