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Letter: Gun control saves lives

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

I am a strong advocate for saving lives. This means more gun control, specifically. Take a look at Canada, for example, to see how stricter gun laws have affected its country.

In the case of the Orlando, Florida, shooting, if it happened in Canada, the gunman could not have obtained a license to purchase a firearm because of his history of domestic violence, signs of mental instability and vocal support for terrorist organizations. And, if there were restrictions on the magazine size, the shooter would have had to reload more frequently, which would have given clubgoers a better opportunity to escape. Also, Canada analyzed what effect its new gun restriction laws would have and found that gun control was beneficial to its people. Although gun control may cause some suspects to kill by other methods, it is less likely for these suspects to kill multiple victims. Gun control has worked for them, and it has the chance to work for the U.S. Yes, it will take more time and effort for common citizens to get recreational guns, but in the end, it will save lives.

Camilla Robison