The Cougarettes’ latest routine was straight fire.

At least that’s according to BYU, which tweeted out a video of the Cougarettes performing their hip-hop routine that earned them a second-place finish at the 2018 National Dance Alliance College Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Watch the routine below from the competition.

Here is a separate video of the routine filmed at BYU.

The Cougarettes made headlines in late 2017 when they performed alongside Cosmo during a halftime performance at the homecoming game against Boise State, according to The Daily Universe.

They danced to the song “Rolex,” by Ayo and Teo, at Lavell Edwards Stadium. The performance drew nationwide attention.

Cougarettes coach Jodi Maxfield championed the group for their efforts.

“The Cougarettes came up with the music, my captains did the choreography and sent it to (Cosmo) in a video so he could learn it and then come in and rehearse with the Cougarettes,” Maxfield said. “The rest was history after that.”