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The 10-year-old yodeling boy is having two live concerts. Here’s where you can see him

Ten-year-old Mason Ramsey yodels at Walmart in Harrisburg, Illinois.
Ten-year-old Mason Ramsey yodels at Walmart in Harrisburg, Illinois.
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SALT LAKE CITY — Mason Ramsey, the 10-year-old boy who went viral last week for yodeling at a Walmart, appeared on “Ellen” this week to talk about his viral fame.

Little did he know that host Ellen DeGeneres had her own surprise waiting for him.

DeGeneres told Ramsey that he would be performing at the Grand Ole Opry for a massive concert, which is Ramsey's dream. Ramsey also walked away with a $15,000 scholarship.

Watch Ramsey speak with DeGeneres in the clip below.

Ramsey will also perform live at his local Walmart in Harrisburg, Illinois, on Wednesday, April 11, at 4 p.m. CT, according to a recent press release. The event will be streamed on Walmart’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Ramsey achieved viral fame last week when he started "yodeling" the Hank Williams Sr. classic "Lovesick Blues" in his hometown Walmart. Social media turned the boy into a meme, and others even created some remixes of him singing.

Ramsey told DeGeneres that he chose to perform at that specific Walmart because “it’s the only store we’ve got.” He also said that his grandfather taught him to yodel, even though his grandfather wasn’t very good at it.