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UTubers: Madilyn Paige shares message of beauty, ‘Studio C’ offers social media tips

In this week's UTubers, Madilyn Paige released a cover of "Beautiful" by Huntar.
In this week's UTubers, Madilyn Paige released a cover of "Beautiful" by Huntar.
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This week’s UTubers focused on the theme of perfection and potential. BYUtv’s “Studio C” pokes fun at social media culture, while Madilyn Paige’s new cover seeks to promote a positive self-image.

In “Studio C's" first video, Sawyer, a “gluten-free judger,” and Madysen, who was once retweeted by the Kardashians, share tips for social media on their organic vlog series. Learn how to find a husband who will fit your brand and how to dress your kids to get the most likes possible. Always remember: “Instagram husbands are bae.”

Listen in on a brainstorming session about the birth of Superman as his creators debate about his powers, origin, costume and personality. How do you make a superhero perfect but relatable? Find out how his creators compromised in this next “Studio C” video.

Madilyn Paige released a cover of “Beautiful” by Huntar. In her music video, she works to inspire viewers to look beyond what appears on the surface and see their worth. “We’re all so hard on ourselves trying to achieve a perfection that doesn’t exist, and we face this battle in our minds everyday … Here’s a reminder that you’re wonderful and you’re beautiful,” she wrote in the video description.

The Gardiner Sisters recently released another cover from their new album that will be released this week. In this acoustic stairwell cover, the sisters sing “Potential” by Danielle Bradbery, a song about loving someone for what they can become rather than chasing after the perfect person.

SPARK Singers, a rising contemporary Christian vocal group from Utah, released a new video of “Sinking Deep,” a song about seeking peace and solace in the love of the Savior. The video features images from "Reflections of Christ." Noelle Bybee, one of the group’s singers, was a contestant for "The Voice" Season 8 and sang the 2016 LDS Mutual theme song, “Press Forward."

In a new “How To” video from, one father shares five steps for developing healthy family routines and traditions. He explains the importance of communication, where to find parenting resources and how to be patient and positive as these skills are developed.