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Book review: Jane Austen isn't always right, especially about love in novel 'Lies Jane Austen Told Me'

"LIES JANE AUSTEN TOLD ME," by Julie Wright, Shadow Mountain, $15.99, 313 pages (f)

Emma always believed the Jane Austen stories she loved. She knew that if she could just find a Mr. Darcy in her life, all her romance troubles would be over. But Emma never planned on the experiences with Blake. Yes, he was handsome, rich and fun to be around, but something was missing. And when Blake stumbled in his commitment, Emma began to lose hope for finding the right guy in the novel "Lies Jane Austen Told Me."

As a lifetime believer in the wisdom of Jane Austen, at least in romance matters, Emma has waited all her life to find her own perfect man and follow the pattern Austen provided in her many stories. But Blake’s gaffe on a planned weekend activity starts Emma thinking he may not be the right guy.

And then there is also the little issue with Blake's brother, Lucas. Especially when Lucas comes on a consultant where Emma works and the two end up spending quite a bit of time together and get to know one another. While he is agreeably handsome and is always ready to defend his brother to Emma, there are some parts of his life that just don’t add up to Emma.

Emma’s hope for a proper romance/marriage is riding on her ability to distinguish what kind of man she really wants. But the real question might be, does the kind of love she desires really exist?

Author Julie Wright is a talented writer — especially in the romance venue, so her characters are believable and the situations they experience have the ring of reality and tension.

“Lies Jane Austen Told Me,” part of Shadow Mountain's A Proper Romance series, will satisfy readers who are looking for a tightly written story, full of adventure, love and intrigue.

“Lies Jane Austen Told Me” is a 2017 Whitney Award finalist in the romance category. The Whitney Awards recognize novels by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Wright is a former Whitney Award winner and used to live in Salt Lake City.

There is no offensive language, violence or inappropriate actions in this story.

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