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The baby is crying and your toddler is tugging on your food-stained sweats. You haven’t showered in a few days and you’ve worn the same shirt for probably a week now. Anyone who’s a mom knows that their job is a selfless one: it’s no longer about you since every waking moment is dedicated to your children.

As a mom, you might have picked up a few quirks that others would see as gross or weird. Is it the lack of sleep that’s making you do weird things, or is it just part of the mom gig? Maybe you’ve seen other parents do this, or maybe you’ve seen your mom do this before.

No matter how it started, you can end your old habits with the help of Famtastic, a brand-new app aimed to make your life easier this Mother’s Day. With features like incentivized chores and goals, you can say goodbye to some of these funny and otherwise gross habits.

1) Sneaking bites out of your kids’ meals.

Admit it: there was a time where your mom took some of your food and you got mad about it. But wait: the tables have turned and you find yourself munching on your toddler's chicken nuggets, or taking a few bites from your child’s meal just because (despite their objections).

If this is something that bothers your kids enough, perhaps set a goal that you won’t “steal” bites unless you ask or your kids give you permission to do so. Set a goal on your Famtastic app to ask before taking bites of their food.

2) Prolonging the number “two” on your countdown.

The majority of parents have counted to three in order to get their kids to start (or stop) doing something. As mad as you may be, you end up giving your kids some leeway when counting down. That lucky number is “two”, pronounced as “twwwwoooooooooooooo” and you know that “two” can last as long as 10 seconds.

Counting down can be problematic and even counterproductive, according to parenting experts. But you can end this habit easily through Famtastic. If your kids have problems listening or being respectful, add “be respectful” or “listen to mom the first time” as a chore on Famtastic. You’ll be surprised at how many potential conflicts you’ll prevent.

3) Letting your child spit out their food in your hand.

Maybe their macaroni was too hot when they took their first bite, or maybe they didn’t like the taste of broccoli. No matter what the reason, your hand just hovers over their mouth when you see that your child is about to spit out food. Maybe a few years ago, you would have never dreamed of doing this, but you don’t think twice about this everyday occurrence now.

If you’ve got picky eaters at home and they still spit out their food, help them by setting a goal to try something new. If they truly don’t like it, you’ll know that they at least tried it.

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4) The sniff test.

Whether you’re checking for a poopy diaper or verifying if your kids brushed their teeth, your nose is being used more as a parent than before. You’ve probably smelled more diapers than you want to admit, but it’s just part of parenthood. Once you move on from diapers, you’ll start sniff-testing clothes, sheets, and even your child’s breath (only if you need to check if they brushed their teeth).

Of course, by adding “brush your teeth” as a chore on Famtastic, your kids can only be rewarded if they brush their teeth properly. No more checking your child’s breath, plus your kids will feel a rush of excitement knowing that when they brush their teeth properly, they are closer to winning their prize at the end of the month.

Motherhood is a hard and sometimes dirty job. You work to make your children’s lives easier, which usually means making personal sacrifices like sharing your drink or giving up sleep. You might have developed weird and otherwise gross habits, but you did these to try and make life easier for your family. Fortunately, you can rest easy this Mother’s Day and reflect on the joy your children bring.

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