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High school girls golf: Lone Peak holds narrow lead after first day of 6A tournament

Lone Peak's Lauren Taylor reacts after missing a putt in the 5A girls golf tournament at Davis Park Golf Course in Kaysville on Tuesday, May 16, 2017.
Lone Peak's Lauren Taylor reacts after missing a putt in the 5A girls golf tournament at Davis Park Golf Course in Kaysville on Tuesday, May 16, 2017.
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TAYLORSVILLE — After the first day of the 6A girls golf tournament at Meadowbrook Golf Course Monday afternoon, Lone Peak leads by a narrow margin, but the Knights are still hungry going into the second day on Tuesday.

“We’re good. We were hoping that we would have the lead. We were actually hoping that it would be a little more than it was, but we’re thrilled with how most of the players played. We’ve got a few players that we hope shoot better and normally do shoot better than they did. We’re pleased. We had a couple real low scores today, so that’s good news,” Lone Peak head coach Rob Riley said.

After the first round, Lone Peak leads with a score of 300, while Davis sits just two strokes back at 302 and Bingham is in third place with 315.

Lone Peak is more prepared than ever for the state tournament this year, thanks to playing during the season with an old rival, Bingham.

“This year was a unique year because one of the big rivals that we’ve always had, Bingham, was with us. We played with them often, every week we played with them. In the past, because of the skill of Lone Peak, we handily won every time we played, then we showed up to state to see our competition. This year, we had our competition in every tournament that we played, so that added a lot of pressure,” Riley said.

Riley and his coaching staff tried to simulate the pressure that the state tournament brings during the season to prepare the players who hadn’t played in the tournament before.

“We pushed the girls a little bit. We tried to add a little pressure in some of the things that we do, put things on the line to make them feel like shots are important. Even though it’s a casual Thursday afternoon, this needs to count for something,” Riley said.

Lone Peak was led by Lauren Taylor and Maddie Moss, who both shot 69 for the day. Abbey Porter shot a 74, Maddie Lambert and Ashley Higbee shot 88 and Samantha Schulties shot 89.

“Just elated for them. Excited for them. I think for Maddie Moss, it was a career round for her — a great day to do it. Lauren has done stuff like this off and on throughout the year, but thrilled that it happened today, thrilled that it happened for both of them on the same day,” Riley said.

Caylyn Ponich led Davis with a 69 and Tess Blair led Bingham and all golfers, shooting a 65 on the day.

It will all come down to the final 18 holes played on Tuesday, with Davis and Bingham both right there.

“We told them to get some rest tonight. We’ll try to pump them all up in the morning. We talk about the challenges of going into the final round in the lead and how the target is on our backs, and we have to not let off the gas pedal,” Riley said.

TEAM SCORES (Top 10 made cut)

1. Lone Peak, 300; 2. Davis, 302; 3. Bingham, 315; 4. Westlake, 340; 5. Pleasant Grove, 342; 6. Northridge, 347; 7. Weber, 355; 8. Fremont, 366; 9. Riverton, 382; 10. Herriman, 386; 11. Copper Hills, 417; 12. West Jordan, 430; 13. Hunter, 470; 14. Hillcrest, 472; 15. Kearns, 480; 16. Granger, 506.


65 — Tess Blair, Bingham

69 — Lauren Taylor, Lone Peak; Maddie Moss, Lone Peak; Caylyn Ponich, Davis

70 — Alina Vannarath, Westlake

72 — Brooklyn Halliday, Davis; Carissa Graft, Bingham

74 — Abbey Porter, Lone Peak

79 — Shelby Eubank, Pleasant Grove; Halle Parkin, Riverton

80 — Katelyn Day, Davis

81 — Victoria Castro, Davis; Shelby VanAusdal, Northridge; Sierra Wallace, Fremont

82 — Tia Dudley, Pleasant Grove

83 — Kami Baird, Pleasant Grove; Abbi Cowan, Northridge