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Book review: 'Abounding Might' brings extraordinary abilities to Regency romance

Editor's note: This is one of the five novels that are 2017 Whitney Award finalistsin the speculative fiction category. The Whitney Awards recognize novels by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For the list of winners, click here.

“ABOUNDING MIGHT: Book Three of The Extraordinaries," by Melissa McShane**, Curiosity Quills Press, $18.99, 328 pages (f)**

It isn’t too often that you come across a book that melds superheroes and Regency era romance, but that is what happens in “Abounding Might,” the third book in Melissa McShane’s The Extraordinaries series.

Lady Daphne St. Clair, a minor character in the previous book “Wandering Light,” becomes the focal point of this next adventure.

Determined to use her incredible talents to benefit her country, Daphne has petitioned the British Army relentlessly for the chance to join the ranks during the Napoleonic Wars. Daphne is a Bounder, meaning she is able to teleport from place to place while transporting any load she can lift even for a few moments.

But Daphne has a weakness that limits her abilities and causes the death of an injured soldier. Humiliated, she is reassigned to work for a wealthy family in Calcutta, India, where she is used for little more than family transportation until a mysterious officer, Captain Fletcher, takes an interest in her ability.

Allowed the chance to share her skills on an important army mission, Daphne is keen to explore India and do more than sit at home.

Suddenly thrown into the center of a harsh uprising waged by demons from the past, Daphne and Captain Fletcher, who has talents of his own, work together to try to find a way to save the village and bring peace to a people in turmoil.

While this is the third book in the series, ”Abounding Light” can stand on its own. The characters are simple but likable and their unique abilities add a measure of intrigue to the storyline. The tale does take some odd turns, but it pulls together as it continues forward. The author shapes the story well and even maneuvers some unexpected moments into the plot that influence future situations.

The bulk of the story takes place in India, and the customs and culture bring a greater depth to the tale.

“Abounding Light” is completely devoid of foul language or sexual situations. There are vague descriptions of battle violence.

"Abounding Light" is a 2017 Whitney Award finalist in the speculative fiction category. The awards recognize novels by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.