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Get ready: 'Fortnite' is coming to Android

Epic Games' "Fortnite"
Epic Games' "Fortnite"

SALT LAKE CITY — Epic Games announced Friday that its epic popular game “Fortnite” is coming to Android devices.

The free Battle Royale version of the game, which can be played on PC, Xbox, PS4 and iPhone devices, will make its appearance on Android beginning this summer.

“We are targeting this summer for the release. We know many of you are excited for this release, and we promise that when we have more information to share, you’ll hear it from us first,” the blog post read.

Specifically, Epic will release “Fortnite: Battle Royale,” a free version of “Fortnite” that allows gamers to compete in a 100-person, last-man-standing version of the game.

The free-to-play game rewards players by offering them different unlockables, like new character skins and weapons. Players can buy “v-bucks” to purchase additional cosmetic items, too.

According to Quartz, Fortnite currently brings in close to $2 million per day through the iPhone version of the game alone.

The game has also managed to increase revenue and downloads at the same time, according to Quartz.

“Releasing Fortnite to a mobile Android audience should see the continuation of this growth,” Quartz reported.

Fortnite first became available on iOS devices back in March, according to The Verge. It reportedly made $15 million in its first three weeks and soared to the top of the App Store charts.