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Letter: I like Mike Kennedy

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Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Deseret News

The Deseret News article on Senate candidate Mike Kennedy was not completely true. Mitt Romney made an inflammatory remark about Pastor Jeffress being a bigot. We only heard a snippet of what Mike Kennedy said, and it was misconstrued to say that Kennedy apologized for all Utahns about Romney's remark. Since Kennedy tries to get along with everyone, and does not spew random remarks, it would not seem possible that he would make such a statement.

I believe that we should look at the Republican candidates' track records. Kennedy is much more familiar with Utah because he is working as a physician locally and is raising a family here. He also has served in the Utah Legislature for several years and has a law degree. He knows Utah and the needs of the people here, is very conservative and is not beholden to anyone.

Unlike Kennedy, Romney has only lived in Utah for two years. He cannot possibly know the needs of the people in Utah, nor is he very conservative. He is beholden to many people. For example, there is an economic summit that is coming up where Romney is speaking. Romney's picture is continually seen in the newspaper advertising the summit. This summit and ad are being funded by the Governor's Office of Economic Development. We, the taxpayers, are paying for this. Unfortunately, seeing Romney's picture frequently is free advertising for Romney's campaign. He is now beholden to the governor's office.

Mike Kennedy is not using our taxpayer money to promote himself. In fact, he has much less to spend on his campaign than Romney. I am voting for Kennedy, because I like Mike.

Dorothy Bradford