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Letter: The recent state GOP convention was disastrous

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Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Deseret News

The Pignanelli and Webb column "Are we seeing the death throes of the caucus/convention system?" in the April 29 Deseret News brought back painful memories of my own experience at the recent state GOP convention. As a lifetime Republican who has been dismayed by some of the actions of party, county and state officials in recent years, I think the behavior of some Senate candidates and delegates during the campaigns leading up to and at the convention make a powerful argument for the abandonment of the convention portion of the caucus/convention system.

Webb wrote, "the rabble-rousers have no self-awareness of how ridiculous they look." I'm not so sure. They may simply not care to listen and reason together, as wise leaders of the past have asked legislators as well as citizens to do. Disastrous conventions, like the one on April 21, deserve to die.

George Snell