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Book review: Saint Squad is back in suspenseful 'Tripwire'

"TRIPWIRE: A Saint Squad Novel,” by Traci Hunter Abramson, Covenant Communications, $16.99, 258 pages (f)

“Tripwire: A Saint Squad Novel” by Traci Hunter Abramson, is the most recent addition to the author’s Saint Squad series and a sequel to “Spotlight,” the previous novel in the series.

Sienna Blake, a rising-star actress and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is now working on a TV series in Virginia, co-starring with childhood friend Reed Forrester. Life is good. She’s looking forward to her marriage to Craig Simmons, a Navy SEAL and member of the Saint Squad, a squad of SEALs who are Mormons, even though she must keep that relationship out of the public eye for now.

Traci Hunter Abramson is the author of "Tripwire."
Traci Hunter Abramson is the author of "Tripwire."
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Craig returns to the U.S. from an overseas assignment, expecting to spend a few enjoyable days with Sienna, only to discover that she appears to be the target of stalkers — again. Only this time he discovers they aren’t stalkers, but terrorists — the same terrorists the Saint Squad has been pursuing in the Middle East.

The Saint Squad must discover why Sienna and her assistant, Jane Napierski, are being targeted by the terrorists before they succeed in setting off the chemical bombs they’ve smuggled into the U.S.

The story weaves successfully between two romances, the plotting of terrorists and the espionage of the Saint Squad as they track the terrorists, trying to figure out why Sienna and Jane are being targeted.

It’s a well-written, clean romance and suspense novel that would make an entertaining quick summer read.

There is no foul language, and violence is limited to briefly described bomb explosions and some shootings. Although there are two romances to keep track of, the romance doesn't go beyond kissing.

Abramson, a Whitney Award-winning writer, worked for the CIA for six years. “Trip Wire” is the 10th novel in her Saint Squad series, which began in 2008 with the novel “Freefall.” A member of the LDS Church, she lives in Stafford, Virginia, with her husband and four children.