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Photos: Community colors: Local artists invite the public to fill paint-by-numbers mural

Violet Merrill, 6, helps paint a mural on the 200 West underpass of the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City on Friday. Local artists created the paint-by-numbers style mural along the wall of the underpass, which the public is invited to help fill in. Kristin Beck, managing director of THE BLOCKS, an arts and culture initiative, said the project is meant to transform an underutilized space with creativity. "Our goal is to provide the community with the opportunity to gather, and to create and develop a sense of ownership of the finished product," Beck said. Work on the 100-foot project began earlier this week as artists behind the mural outlined and completed unreachable sections. Painting will be open to the public again Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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