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Ogden police investigating suspicious death of child under age 5

Prosecutors have charged a man accused of carving a profane word into a woman's stomach during an assault.
A child under the age of 5 died in Ogden Friday and police are calling the death suspicious.
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OGDEN — The body of a child under the age of 5 was found by police in an apartment complex in Ogden on Friday. Investigators are calling the death suspicious.

Just after 4 p.m., police went to Madison Manor Apartments, 2434 Madison Ave. "We arrived, we discovered the body of a child," Ogden Police Lt. Chris Kovalsky said.

Police Friday evening obtained a warrant and searched the building.

"All child deaths we investigate as suspicious deaths, so they all are classified that way," Kovalsky said.

No additional information was immediately available, including the child's name, age or possible cause of death.