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2 injured after explosion at Grand County gas collection facility

CISCO, Grand County — An explosion at a natural gas collection facility in Grand County Saturday morning sent two people to the hospital, police say.

"We had a report of two individuals that were hurt, we had three helicopters respond to the location," said Grand County Sheriff's Deputy Jamison Wiggins.

The condition of the injured is unknown, Wiggins said. One was transported by a medical helicopter to a hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado. The other was flown to University Hospital in Salt Lake City.

"It's an ongoing investigation at the plant right now as to what caused the explosion," Wiggins said. "But it is a collection facility."

Police have not released the name of the facility.

"It's not a pumping station," Wiggins said. "Usually the gas lines go to the station and then they collect gas."

Wiggins said workers turned off the gas line shortly after the explosion at about 10:15 a.m., but they have yet to go inside.

"There's no visible flame anymore because they shut off the emergency valve," he said.

Lower Valley Emergency Services, Grand County Emergency Services, Moab Fire Department and Thompson Fire Department all responded to the scene of the explosion.