SALT LAKE CITY — A retired clown from Utah has earned the attention of The New York Times for sending the newspaper's journalists his own original poetry.

Tim Torkildson sends his limericks — which he calls “Timericks” — weekly to 22 different journalists, eight of whom work for The New York Times.

In fact, Torkildson said he sent more than 1,000 poems to the Times over the last four years.

Many of the limericks focus on national news.

“He is often clever and on point regarding human foibles, the press and our current national situation,” Dennis Overbye, a science reporter at The New York Times who receives the poems, told the Times.

All Torkildson is looking for is a reply from reporters.

“Any acknowledgment from a reporter, even if it's just 'thanks,' makes me feel wonderful,” he said in a phone interview with the Times. “I feel like I've accomplished my goal in life, at least for one day.”

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