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Letter: Prison system

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

Having read the recent article that Utah County Jail will get $1 million for an inmate’s medical bills, I was again angry and disappointed with our runaway judicial system.

When citizens emotionally wish prison time or “life without parole” for a terrible criminal, they/we need to remember that we are paying for the incarceration. Merely “doing time” without some expected and desirable outcome is a waste of resources.

Warehousing criminals is a very costly enterprise. We, the taxpayers, bear all of the financial responsibility for taking care of them, including their medical expenses. It is unreasonable to turn our prisons into geriatric wards because we warehouse aging inmates. Even those on death row have the “luxury” of extending life while they go through their endless appeals. I am in favor of the death penalty when appropriate, but that is another issue.

Criminals need to pay for their crimes, but the ones who really need to be locked up away from society are those who are a danger to society. Our judicial system needs to be reformed to prudently utilize precious tax dollars for the best possible outcome for the criminals and for our communities.

Elmary Davidson