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Letter: Can you convict a whole nation of a war crime?

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor
Deseret News

Following World War II, individual men responsible for war crimes could be tried for those crimes and punished appropriately.

But what is to be done when the long-held, embedded mindset of the majority of people in a whole nation causes them to believe that any military action by an ally, such as Saudi Arabia, must be right and just? How do you convince and convict a whole nation of a war crime?

American bombs are being dropped on Yemani civilians and infrastructure, by Saudi aircraft. The U.S. is allied to Saudi Arabia, mainly and probably because of oil. Children are starving in Yemen because the bombing is destroying the local economy. The American people need to be made aware of what is really happening in Yemen and cry out for it to be stopped.

Three years of war have made little difference in the situation in Yemen. Aid agencies on the ground all agree that a negotiated cease-fire and peace agreement need to be worked out very quickly for this civilian, humanitarian crisis to be stopped.

Gary Nord

Cavalier, North Dakota